February 12, 2008

Lucky New York Philharmonic

I met Alan Gilbert when he was a conducting student at Curtis. We worked on a Tchaikovsky opera and from the first few seconds of our conversation it was evident the guy is brilliant.
If you are in New York today, go and hear Alan conduct his alma mater The Curtis Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. They were superb last night at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

Collectively, the Curtis orchestra looks like a sweet sixteen party. They are so young. It is without a doubt a world class orchestra with enviable chops and youthful fire.

When the concert ended, Alan was so proud of his young colleagues that he went out of his way to shake hands with all the principals. If he had another hour to spare he would have gone on shaking hands with each player. It was real. It was an honest appreciation for the ensemble that helps him make great music. He stepped back for a bow, blending into the orchestra as one of the players.

Last June Alan Gilbert was named the music director of the New York Philharmonic, effective 2009-10 season.

Lucky New York Philharmonic!

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