October 22, 2013

How To Stand When You Are Singing | Music Lesson Tips

How To Stand When You Are Singing

Eve Soto
Submitted: Friday, May 17, 2013 - 10:57am
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The purpose of singing posture, is to insure that singers do not restrict their breathing,
When learning vocal techniques that may involve very specific and detailed instruction, it is to your benefit to keep in mind, what is the goal of these instructions, and how will you be using your singing. One area in particular that receives a lot of attention is posture. Students often spend much time practicing difficult techniques that are nearly impossible to apply while singing. “Keep your chin up, chest out, shoulders back, feet together, stomach in and lifted ". What is the goal? And can I do this while I am singing. Unless you intend to be stationary during your performance, you must modify these techniques, and understand why you were using them in the first place. The purpose of singing posture, in my opinion, is to insure that singers do not restrict their breathing, which is a very crucial part of singing. When performing, whether you are recording, sitting, or working the stage, do not slouch, or position your body in a way that directly restricts your diaphragm. Sometimes when students are having trouble breathing at a specific point in a song, I have them throw a punch to help them retrieve and release more air. The momentum of the punch allows them to breathe out with more impact. The result is a stronger note. Look for other movements that will assist better breathing. Go ahead use your body.
Eve Soto (Your Vocal Coach)
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