February 04, 2007

Success in The Long Tail

In an earlier post I observed that Chris Anderson’s book The Long Tail tells much of its story by looking at top brand names. Quality brands earn their good name by doing remarkable work. They engender consumer confidence.

I thought it would be interesting to look at how fits in the “long tail” culture. - Building Blocks of High Value Niche Brand

Contrary to popular belief of aggregating business on the Internet, depending on the market segment, barriers to entry create high value niche brands.

To join, music teachers pay an upfront annual membership fee of $99. This process ensures a roster of confident musicians committed to offering quality teaching service for prospective students. model is about a deeper commitment / higher reward relationship, and it works.

Win, Win, Win - The Only Thing That Counts

Upwards 90% of members come back to renew memberships annually. Members achieve success by helping serious students and membership renewals confirm real value in the service. Everyone wins.

Long Tail Influence on Peeks and Valleys of Cyclical Business

Families with kids live on an academic calendar; off in the summer, back-to-school in September and so on.

The Internet, however, created ample opportunities that now are reshaping peeks and valleys tied to academic year cycle. music teachers generate a consistent flow of students through the year since many students choose to start lessons on their own time table, whenever they are motivated and ready.

Abundant Market Demand Fills the Dips in Business

Here are just a few examples that drive new opportunities that help members fill dips in business of traditional teaching cycles:

  • Shifts in job markets cause many families to relocate to new cities where both kids and adults continue music lessons.

  • Adults, both professionals and college students who have never taken private music lessons as kids, are a large opportunity segment.
  • Retirees are a growing segment of private music students. They have the desire, time and the means to pursue private music lessons.
  • Popular TV music talent shows motivate aspiring contestants to get private music lessons and prepare for auditions.
  • High school students seek out music teachers to help prepare for college/university music entrance examinations.

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