March 27, 2008

Do you do as you teach?

I do. Don’t you?

Since is my full-time job (plus major overtime), I feel very fortunate that I also get to work with students at Curtis and AVA. Without a doubt, they are ALL pros. In my studio they get a major kick when I say that ‘I am the easiest guy to work with. I expect only great music-making and other than that I don’t care.’ They get it. It’s just an ice breaker.

I also teach only two private music students that learn just for fun. Recently, it occurred to me that I teach them absolutely the same way as I teach the pros. I share the same advanced musical concepts that I refine in my own daily practicing. They get it, they have fun with the process, and they grow. Finally, I take what I’ve learned by giving lessons and experiment further on my own. It’s all worth it.

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