September 12, 2009

... from music capital of Oak Lawn/Chicago IL

Heather shares this message:

I just want to thank you so much for creating this fabulous service to independent musicians/music teachers. With all of the music academies/stores out there today, it can be very challenging to compete as an independent musician, even for some of the more seasoned instructors. I just want to applaud your website. It is allowing me to do what I love and am going to school for, and make a living off of it! It's quite liberating to be in charge of my own business, and your website is giving me comfort and security in my career choice. A lot of musicians settle for working for a music store or music school that takes half to two-thirds of what a student pays for tuition even though the instructor is 100% what the student is paying for just because it's a steady, dependable pay check even though they know they're being taken advantage of. Many music instructors are afraid to go on their own for fear of the uncertainty of running your own studio, and I've been in that place, and it just doesn't feel good. But your website offers me a sense of security that I will always have a steady stream of student inquiries coming in, in case one of my current students decides to take a break for a bit. Since I signed up two months ago, I have acquired seven new students, one of which is the lead guitarist for a very famous rock band! Who would have thought!? And I've received about seven more inquiries from people who were just not in the area I teach in. Anyways, before I start babbling, I sincerely just want to thank you for this excellent website and service. I will definitely be renewing my membership next July. Excellent work. Thank you.
Heather Sluga, Voice and Piano Teacher

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