November 05, 2005

SURPRIZE GIFT IDEAS: A Gift of Music Lessons for the Holidays!

“A Gift of Music Lessons for the Holidays” is always a successful program, especially after the Wall Street Journal featured

People like to surprise family and friends with a meaningful gift. Gift giving is an art and making a gift of music lessons ranks at the top of most delightful and unexpected.

Here are a few tips on arranging a gift of music lessons for your loved ones:

  • Search for a music teacher in your local area
  • Give a teacher some background on musical experience of the person who will take lessons
  • Agree on the number of lessons you wish to purchase
  • Make a nice card for your loved one with the gift offer
  • Watch them smile

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November 04, 2005

Musicians Wanted

Back from a little hiatus, not really. We are working 24/7++++++

Marketing is about 24/7+++++++, nothing less. market demand scaled up so much so that we now have too many overbooked private music teachers. We are now in the top 1/2 percent (0.005%) of most traveled websites out of some 20 million.

It is time to grow the music roster!

Anyone that knows of excellent musicians -- we want them on our roster!

Please point them here:

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