January 31, 2006

Tips for Aspiring American Idol Contestants

In the previous blog post, I pointed out how Idol’s Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul focus on importance of vocal training, enthusiasm, proper dress and performance delivery. They offer sound advice.

If you are an aspiring star – get training now!

Find a music teacher on Voice teachers and vocal coaches on our roster regularly prepare singers for auditions.

Face the Facts

  • Few people are so talented that they can wing an audition
  • Get vocal training – lessons, lessons, lessons
  • Be well prepared – practice, practice, practice
Get to Work
  • Improve vocal control
  • Refine tone quality
  • Develop original style
There is no magic about hard work and determination. The magic happens when you find your audience.

Good luck!

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American Idol Lessons

According to Nielsen Media Research, American Idol shows on Fox pulled an audience of 31.1 million. The numbers are loud and clear.

The brilliance of the show…… is in the cast dynamics of judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, and ‘the man in the field’ Ryan Seacrest. They are the superstars of the show.

I don’t mean to be rude, but …
Astonishing. Simon Cowell is keeping it interesting, indeed.

Have you taken voice lessons? …Randy Jackson asks this question quite often of promising singers, and follows-up saying, 'it shows, you have good control.' He values vocal training.

You don’t look like you want to be here …
Paula Abdul wants to be sold, but … She clearly stresses total presentation – the first impression – no second chances.

Yes/No dynamic …Voting on the spot on the talented and the bizarre, bickering, clowning and nail-biting anticipation – all contributes to mesmerizing TV show.

What happened in there? …
We all love the postmortem interviews. Good going, Ryan Seacrest.

To recap …
That’s why, according to Nielsen Media Research, American Idol shows on Fox pulled an audience of 31.1 million.

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January 25, 2006

Valentine’s Gift - Your Own Song; Songwriter Can Help

Here is a specific holiday gift idea. If you want to impress your Valentine, this one is perfect.
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We have several similar promotions on a songwriting theme. This one is self-explanatory.

Some people find motivation in special holidays; others like to explore song writing for personal satisfaction. Either way, writing songs is a lot of fun.

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January 18, 2006

How Internet Changed Music Lessons Promotion

We rely on Internet for much of our communications and information needs. Email, news, collaboration, research, shopping, customer service, marketing, entertainment – we get it all on the Internet.

Internet is central to our lives. It modified our behavior.

Not Too Long Ago
In the past, music teachers used variety of promotional methods, still in play today but proving less effective due to Internet’s immediacy and speed:

  • Client Referrals: still the best
  • Word of Mouth: “I am in business now …” great, but too slow
  • Business Cards: always good, must remember to carry
  • Flyers/Brochures: low distribution, too few eyeballs
  • Newspaper Classifieds: too expensive, fewer people read papers
  • Yellow Pages Ads: too expensive Context emerged as a dominant player in its niche. Easily found via search engines, we provide quality context, attract the best musicians and our market loves the service. We give prospective students, from corporate CEOs to literally kids themselves, an intelligent way to review musicians’ credentials and take action.

Kids are a New Business Channel
The following would not have been possible in pre- Internet era. New generations of Internet savvy kids take initiative, search the Web for music teachers, bring that research to the attention of their parents, and influence decisions. This is a birth of a new channel of opportunities for music teachers and business implications are remarkable.

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January 05, 2006

Sales Up 75% -- Solid Vote of Confidence

Every New Year’s Day I attend a brunch at a house of good friends. It is a small gathering of professors from UPenn and Drexel; some I see once a year.

“How is doing?” asked one fellow. “Membership sales are up 75%,” I said. The short statement produced a reaction of respect and peaked curiosity.

We went on to discuss at length how Internet fundamentally changed our lives. “ is a good idea,” he said to which I added, “It is a good idea that works.”

The magic is simple. brings together people with sincere commitment to help each other.

The strong following is a testament that musicians embraced as a viable service, offering real value.

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January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

We wish health, happiness and prosperity to all patrons!

Photo: 2006 New Year's Day Mummers Parade

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