October 27, 2009

Baseball Uniform or a Costume?

Some years ago, on Saturday mornings, a sleepy 10-year-old Josh Goldsmith came to my studio for piano lessons. During lessons he effortlessly improvised jokes that kept me well entertained.

At about the same time, Josh played on a little league team. Since he called his baseball uniform a “costume” it became clear he wasn’t going to follow in
Reggie Jackson’s (CHS ‘64) footsteps. Another creative calling was in his future.
Last week I was invited to attend Josh Goldsmith’s (CHS ‘88) induction into Cheltenham High School Hall of Fame.
Josh is a film and TV screenwriter and producer in creative partnership with his wife Cathy Yuspa. Some credits include What Women Want (Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt), 13 Going on 30 (Jennifer Garner), a long-running CBS hit series The King of Queens (Kevin James) and FOX comedy ‘Til Death (Brad Garrett).

Here is one final and curious thing. For a small suburban Philadelphia high school, Cheltenham alumni success reads like a chapter from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. The quantity and quality of individual excellence is remarkable, ranging from a head of state to a Nobel Prize winner, scientists, judges, professional athletes, Grammy and Emmy winners, TV/film producers, artists, authors, musicians and educators.

Simply amazing.

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