December 28, 2009

Choosing the Right Vocal Coach Member, Debora Lebendiker, shares her article on the subject of choosing the right music teacher. Based in Miami, Debora is a singing coach specializing in stage performance and artist development.

The Only Thing That Counts Are the Results
By Debora Lebendiker

Often, I see singers who come to my studio looking to fix different problems. They all have something in common though. They do not feel comfortable with their voices. It would be normal to see artists who want to improve their vocal technique, but what is interesting is that many of these students have already been studying with other vocal coaches.

That is where I start to emphasize the importance of obtaining results in the short-run. It is true that the vocal development takes some time, however working with a vocal coach should generate improvements within a month of vocalization exercises. There have to be some improvement which creates a feeling of comfort with one's voice. This will advance the progress. It would not be sensible to wait a whole year to see results. If within a month or two, results are not seen, then it might be time to seek another vocal coach.

The vocal coach has a great responsibility of taking a student and helping him/her to improve his/her voice each day. The harm is done when the coach does not let the student go because the coach cannot accept his or her own teaching limitations. On the other hand, the student continues taking classes because there is a good relationship with the coach, continuing with the classes without realizing the consequences this can have on his/her voice and also takes away from his/her professional opportunities. My advice is not to go just by nice words and compliments. Seek results that can lead you to achieve excellence as an artist.

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