October 22, 2013

Enjoying Your Journey Every Step of the Way! | Music Lesson Tips

Enjoying Your Journey Every Step of the Way!

Shirley Wang
Submitted: Monday, July 22, 2013 - 12:15pm
Let's Paint the Town Red!
Music speaks to our souls. And it is absolutely wonderful when we can not just be listeners, but "speakers" of the souls by becoming "music makers". However it is like many other things in life, your experience with music lessons may be exactly as you have pictured, or it could be entirely different! One of the first thing I would suggest is to keep an open mind, and the second would be, to shoot for the star! "Mastery" doesn't know age or limit. A positive attitude will go along way!
Once we have embraced this quest to become a "music maker", it is also important to embrace the "process". The ability to take delight in every accomplishment, big or small, play a huge part in how far you will travel on this road...which also means how close you will get to "mastery"!
For children, it is easier to celebrate every victory. However I do ask the parents to play a big role in this. It makes a difference when a parent helps the child to schedule his/her practice sessions at home. Learning how to sing, or how to play an instrument is much like playing a sport. Without practice sessions at home in between lessons, the students will grow frustrated very quickly! No one likes to show up at their lessons, and not be able to play. I invite all parents to stay during the lesson. It is a partnership between the me and you.
For adult and professional students, it is the ability to get out of your own way. You are here for a reason, but self-judgement often hinders us from being able to progress. Let's check that little devil at the door, and focus on the limitless progress we are able to make. Students often surprise themselves on how much they are able to do just by staying focused. What a way to re-experience life and a craft you may have been working on for years, and maybe decades! For those of you who are professional musicians, this will make your audition stand out. The moment you walk through the door, the panel/casting directors will be refreshed by how comfortable and confident you are. Now you have a supportive audience even in an audition room. With detailed, and creative preparation, you offer an audition that is simply winning.
Hope those of you who are reading this feel encouraged and enriched in your musical journey!