October 22, 2013

Music News..Fall at St. Matthew's UMC , Valley Forge | Articles

Music News..Fall at St. Matthew's UMC , Valley Forge

Janellen Farmer
Submitted: Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 1:49pm
Dear Friends,
I just wanted to update you in all things musical for the coming Fall at St. Matthew's.
Chancel Choir will resume on Sunday, September 8th, rehearsal at 9:30 followed by service
at 10:45. I am looking forward to another wonderful year of music making. Among the
things I have planned are:
1. I would like to encourage a soloist once a month, not to replace the choir, but to add
to our beautiful choral ministry. Please let me know if you would be interested in doing
a solo, or, if you know of someone who might have an interest..This is not limited to
singers, but instrumentalists as well. Kim Trolier is on tap for September!
2.Mark your calendars now: our annual Messiah concert will take place on Sunday evening,
December 22 at 7PM. I intend to ask neighboring church choirs/choristers to join us.
3. During my time at Oxford University this Summer I had the privilege of meeting and
working with composer James Whitbourn. His Son of God Mass for choir, organ and jazz sax
is one of my favorites, and he has agreed to mentor me/us through the local premiere of
this incredible work, It will be our Lenten concert this coming Spring. James will skype
with us to talk about his journey in creating this Mass. It can be found on
3. Renee Schulz and I are looking into another Little Farm Players production to benefit
music at St. Matthew's this Fall. Will keep you posted on this!
Chancel Ringers will resume on Sunday September 15. We will have an organizational
session to determine who will ring with us this season, how often we prefer to ring, etc.
I am looking forward to seeing you all!
Praise band: I would like to meet with Praise band members, parents and leaders on
Sunday, Sept. 8th immediately following the 10:45 service. It has become apparent that we
need to find a more convenient time for rehearsals, and to set our calendars with the
Fall schedule as soon as possible. I would like to have the praise band play once a
month, and I would love to see it grow! I will propose that rehearsals take place on
Sundays from noon to 1 twice a month..if not more often. Please consider this change, and
we will discuss it when we meet on the 8th.
This Summer has been one of huge growth for me as a musician, singer and person. I have
faced fears on many levels, and have come out with a stronger desire to make beautiful
music, in HIs name, whenever and wherever I may. I hope you will support me, and, join me
in this effort.
I am taking my vacation form August 17- Sept 1, and October 5-12. (These dates were
booked long before the excitement of this year was known)..I am reachable via email..or,
ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY via cell phone 610-306-5189.
I ask for your good thoughts and prayers as I take my much needed respite...
Much love to you all..
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