January 16, 2013

Rose Rossi Project | Articles

Cliff Brodsky
Submitted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 8:01pm
Cliff Brodsky producing recording artist Rose Rossi
Hello To You
Cliff produced Rose Rossi for Brodsky Entertainment and also for his Publishing Company. Rose is a very talented, gifted and unique singer/songwriter with a distinct sound. She writes catchy songs and is very sexy and sultry on stage, and sounds that way!
Cliff Brodsky pictured here with his recording artist Rose Rossi and her band. She is a singer/songwriter signed to Cliff's Music Company Brodsky Entertainment and Publishing Company. This was an article in Music Connection Magazine covering the story of Cliff and Rose recording at the SandBox in Hollywood California. The SandBox was a great recording studio for many years owned and operated by Producer/Engineer Rick Parker.
On Keyboards and acting as Music Director and Producer is Cliff Brodsky. On bass guitar: Paul ill, Drums: Nathan Wetherington, Guitars: Ricky Z, and on the mixing board and head engineer: Rick Parker.
Rick was also an amazing guitar player and record producer and has toured the world (and elsewhere) with his lovely wife Miranda Richards, who was signed to Virgin Records.
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