June 24, 2005

Harvard. Steinway. Tiffany.

Periodically, many organizations do, and should do, short-term and long-term strategic planning. Today I served on a branding committee at the Academy of Vocal Arts, where I am a faculty member. Very glad that Maryann Devine, AVA’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, invited me into this group of very smart board members.

One day before the meeting, Maryann introduced us to an excerpt from Tom Asacker’s book A Clear Eye for Branding.

A Clear Eye for Branding

Tom Asacker, an important marketing expert, explains branding in a simple language. To paraphrase, a brand is a sum of many elements evoking a feeling people have about a product or service. It is an expectation based on prior experiences. That’s it.

Now, look up and read the headline again. Any feelings?


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