August 01, 2005

Define Your Success

Private music teaching is a small business and a rewarding profession in many ways.

Musicians have the power to define their own success. Some intend to build full-time teaching studios while others desire only a handful of students.

Full-time independent music teachers must be super dedicated, organized and focused on their business. Clearly, making a full-time living from a private studio is a major motivator, but to succeed it requires offering an exceptional educational service and top-notch client relations.

Some musicians are part-time teachers by choice and have other income streams. Motivation to teach is less about money, however to succeed as a teacher, again, an exceptional educational service and top-notch client relations are key.

Here is a terrific quote from Tom Peters on the subject of how small companies can be successful in a competitive world of large players. It applies to any business.

*Excellence! (A small player ... per me ... has no right or reason to exist unless they are in Relentless Pursuit of Excellence. One earns the right— one damn day and client experience at a time!— to beat the Big Guys in your chosen niche!)


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