July 01, 2005

Are you ready to rock?

Philly is rocking this weekend. To raise awareness in support of African aid, on July 2nd is the Live 8 event on Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. The event brings out mega stars like Philly's own Will Smith, Dave Mathews Band and Stevie Wonder (all performers). The weekend ends with an appearance by Sir Elton John on July 4th (all performers).

Some estimates suggest that the Parkway (
map) fits 400,000. The city expects 1,000,000 people, maybe more. Forget picnic blankets. If you are planning to camp out between the two events, in case you wish to keep your spot, learn to sleep standing up, pronto!

Since the events are only a few city blocks from us, here are two photos of the stage in preparation mode.

The stage is on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. It looks like the main television camera, the window to the world, is in place.

Remember Rocky? That’s the spot at the top Art Museum Steps. I didn’t jump up and down, didn’t want the picture to make you dizzy. Here's the backstage and Philly skyline, nearly 30 years since the movie.

Happy 4th to all!

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