August 19, 2005

Adult Music Students

Over the summer, had quite a few inquiries from adults looking to start private music lessons. Some were taking early retirement and wanted to get back to playing the trumpet or flute, instruments they played back in high school.

Adult students take music lessons purely for pleasure. Private music teachers that understand the dynamic of teaching adults can be very successful in helping them provided both parties have an upfront and clear understanding of expectations.

In contrast with those that had prior musical experience, adult beginners encounter a major learning curve. Having said that, for many beginners taking music lessons is more about learning music appreciation rather than the pressure of conquering a musical instrument.

Successful music teachers understand that an adult’s life is complicated enough that practicing for lessons may not be high on a priority list.

Adult music students approach lessons intellectually and may want to learn how to appreciate music better and enjoy the how-to process during lessons. They may also be excited to have a unique vantage point into creative experience of their teachers who may be performing and recording musicians.

In seeking private music lessons, adult students should look for a private music teacher they can connect with on a personal level, whose company they like, and who can offer an enjoyable hour of discovery -- the way private music lessons should be.

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