May 16, 2007

Having Fun Starting Rumors

Stephen Costello is a charismatic young tenor who will be making his Metropolitan Opera debut on the 2007/08 season’s opening night in Lucia di Lammermoor, conducted by James Levine.

Last season Stephen had enough professional engagements that I couldn’t even get him for Eugene Onegin. To have a little fun he told me he’ll spin a tale that we are doing The Queen of Spades on the next Academy of Vocal Arts (AVA) season.

Since he’s graduating (see photo) there is no “we” next season and from my vantage point, pardon the pun, the opera is not in the cards. To play along I said if he’s back at AVA, we could make it happen. But then, I clarified, he must weigh his options between making a nice living singing at the Met and being back at school singing for free. I am sure he’ll make a good decision.

Bravo, Stephen!

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